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The users have 3 convenient options for payment of toll, namely gold, silver and cash. The Gold membership entitles the user a non - stop passage through the plaza by means of an "On - Board Unit" installed on the windscreen of the car. Gold membership is not available for other categories of vehicles. A silver member has to stop and display the silver card at the T & G pod installed at the lane. Regular / frequent users can opt for either Gold or Silver membership for convenience and to reduce waiting time at the plaza during rush hours.

The present tariff for different schemes are given below:-
Tariff Chart (w.e.f. 6th September, 2016)
Gold / Silver RFID Tags & Silver Cars
Card/ Tag Type
Admin Fee.
One Time Non - Refundable
No. of
Toll Tariff
per Passage
cost of
Selling Price 



Two Wheeler Silver Card  30 10 12 120 150
Four Wheeler Silver Card  25 15 28 420 445
Four Wheeler RFID Silver  80 15 28 420 500
Four Wheeler Gold RFID Tag  1000 50 28 1400 2400
LCV s 25 10 70 700 725
Buses/Trucks 25 10 85 850 875
Large Vehicles 25 10 120 1200 1225
Extra Large Vehicles 25 10 155 1550 1575



Four Wheeler Value Silver Card  25 120 25 3000 3025
Four Wheeler Silver Value  RFID  0 60 25 1500 1500
Four Wheeler Value  Gold RFID Tag  1000 120 25 3000 4000

The Corporate Fleet Discount Scheme  (Terms & Conditions apply)

A.   Charges for Cars / Jeeps (Gold Tag)
Toll Charges Rs. 26/- per passage (against Rs. 28/- per passage)
Admin Fee Rs. 1,000/-
Min. Passage Value on Purchase Please refer Terms & Conditions below


B.   Charges for Cars / Jeeps (Silver Cards):
Toll Charges Rs. 26/- per passage (against Rs. 28/- per passage)
Admin Fee Rs. 25/-
C.   Charges for Two Wheelers (Silver Cards):
Toll Charges Rs. 11/- per passage (against Rs. 12/- per passage)
Admin Fee Rs. 30/-
D.   Terms & Conditions:
  1. Minimum No. of members: 25 (all classes)
  2. Rate: Rs 26/- for Cars / Jeeps (Class 2); Rs. 11/- for Two Wheelers (Class 1)    
  3. Cards shall be issued only in the Name of the Company.
  4. All the Cards will be made under one single contract only.
  5. Payment shall be made by Single cheque from the Company.
  6. Minimum recharge amount payable each time Rs. 50,000/- or above
  7. Scheme shall be offered with sole discretion of Noida Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. and as a special case only.
  8. The payment shall be only by the mode of Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft. We shall not be accepting any Credit card payments against Corporate Recharges.