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What is a Valid Passage in case of a Gold Card?
The On Board Unit (OBU) installed in your vehicle communicates with the transponder installed on the lane gantry while passing through the lane. On receiving a signal from the transponder it gives a beep sound to ensure the authenticity of the OBU. However, it is not an indication to move ahead. You can move ahead if all the 3 Traffic Lights installed in the lane of the right hand side are Green.
Under what circumstances the beep sound is not heard in the OBU (On-Board-Unit)?
The beep sound is not heard in the following cases:
1. The positioning of the OBU is not proper.
2. The OBU could not be detected because of the high speed or any other technical reasons.
3. The battery needs to be replaced.
4. There is no sufficient balance in the account for the passage.
Benefits of a Gold or Silver Card
Is there any benefit of using a Silver or Gold membership card instead of cash passage?
Yes, it saves a lot of time by reducing your travel time and also saves you from the avoidable Queue lengths during the peak hours.

Is the Gold Lane Membership available for all kinds of vehicles?
No, the Gold Lane membership is available only for cars.

What is the difference between Gold and Silver Lanes?
Silver Lane Gold Lane
Users have to stop and touch their card on the 'Touch & Go' reader in order to go through the Toll Plaza. Non - stop drive through the Toll Plaza due to the On - Board Unit ( OBU) installed on the windscreen of the car, which send a signal to keep the barriers open automatically for eligible Vehicles only.
Membership is available for all class of vehicles. Membership is available for cars only.

Are your cards vehicle specific or user specific?
Silver Cards are class specific and can be used for any vehicle in the same class for which the membership is issued. Gold memberships are vehicle specific. Members have an On - Board Unit fixed on the windscreen of their vehicles, hence the same is not interchangeable. If the card is used for any other class, cash rates applicable to that class of vehicle will be changed.

What do you mean by recharging the Gold or Silver Card?
Gold and Silver Card Membership accounts are pre-paid accounts. A user pays for minimum 50 passages at the prevailing rate to open an account. With every passage on the facility, the user's account is debited with the applicable toll amount and the balance reduced. Once the balance available is equivalent to 4 to 5 passages, a user needs to recharge the account (deposit more money) for continuous usage. If the account is not recharged the membership gets automatically blocked once the money deposited in the account is exhausted.

When does the payment for recharging the Silver or Gold Membership become due?
When the amount available is equivalent to 4 or 5 passages.

Is it possible to get a usage statement of an account in case of a Silver or Gold membership?
The usage statement is available on request.

Can a Silver Card for a particular class of vehicle be used for the other class of vehicles as well?
No, the Silver Card can be used only for the class of vehicle for which it is issued. In case of misuse, cash charges applicable to the class of vehicle used is charged.

Is there a time frame within which one should avail of the number of passages a Silver of Gold membership allows?
No, there is no time frame within which one should avail the number of passages a Silver or Gold membership allows.

What is the number of passages covered under the Silver and Gold Card membership?
Under the Silver and Gold membership, the minimum number of passages covered is 50, at the time of opening of the account. Recharging of the membership can also be done for any number of passages. The minimum number of passages for which a membership can be recharged is 25.

In case the User Fare Display in the Silver or Gold Lane shows a low balance what is the user supposed to do?
The user should get the account recharged by making the payment at the Toll Plaza office (Customer Service Center) through cash, credit card or cheque, or online, or in the lanes (cash and cheque only).

Can the recharging be done at the toll lanes?
Yes, Recharging can now be done at specified lanes in both Delhi and Noida direction, between 7 AM and 11 PM by cheque / cash for 4 - wheelers only. Recharging can also be done at other lanes, by handing over the duly filled up recharge slip along with an a/c payee cheque in favour of "ITNL Toll Management Services Ltd", at the toll booth. No receipt will be issued for such cheque payments.

What does one do in case of loss of card / OBU?
Your membership may be misused from the time of loss till the time of deactivation. Hence, in case of loss of the card / OBU, the user should promptly inform the DND Flyway Customer Care Helpline Numbers (95120) 2516969, for immediate deactivation or in incase you cant get through then call the Traffic Helpline: (95120)- 2515600 . You will be asked for your card number, vehicle number and address for confirmation. You shall then be issued a new card / OBU on payment of requisite charges (Rs. 75 for either of the two cards and Rs.2000/- for an OBU).
What are the specific Do's and Don'ts that the Gold Card User must follow?
Dos and Don'ts
1. Please maintain MAXIMUM speed of 30 KMPH while in the Gold Lane.
2. Please maintain a distance of Minimum 30 Meters from the vehicle ahead of yours in the Gold Lane.
3. Please ensure that all the 3 Traffic Lights in the lane are GREEN while taking a passage.
4. In case of Traffic Lights turning AMBER, please stop the vehicle immediately and proceed through the exit lane.
5. In case of rejection, please clear the lane immediately for fellow users. Any delay in clearing the lane may result in permanent blocking of your CARD/OBU.
6. Please do not disturb the position of the OBU (as installed by the CSC executive on the windscreen of your vehicle). For realignment, contact our CSC.
7. Please listen to the beep sound on entry and Exit to ensure the validity of the passage.
8. If you intend to shift the OBU to another vehicle, please contact our CSC.
9. Please recharge your account as and when it reaches the Low Balance, to maintain the continuity of the card and smooth passage.
10. In case of "No Funds" or "Insufficient Funds" the account, please use the cash lane.
11. Please do not over-speed.
12. Please keep a check of your OBU’s Battery.
Procedure for buying a Gold and Silver Card
What are the formalities for getting a Silver or Gold membership?
Users can get the membership across the counter at the Customer Service Center, Point of Sale and Website via Buy/Renew Link. Payment at the Toll Plaza can be made through Cash, Credit Card or Local Cheques in favour of "ITNL Toll Management Services Ltd'. The membership gets activated within half an hour of submitting the duly filled in application form along with the payment.

Do you accept payments for membership by Credit Cards and Cheque?
Yes, we do accept payment for membership by Credit Cards and Cheque at the Customer Service Center.

Are there any fixed hours during which the payments can be made?
The Customer Service Center at the Toll Plaza is functional between 9 AM to 5 PM on working days (which exclude Sunday and 2nd & 4th Saturday) and memberships can be obtained across the counter during these hours. Recharges can be done at Recharge Lanes in both Noida and Delhi direction during 9 AM to 5 PM through cash / cheque.
Miscellaneous questions on the DND Flyway
How many lanes are there on the carriageway of DND Flyway?
8 lanes, 4 in each direction.

Is the tariff per passage applicable for one way or is it the tariff for one whole round trip?
Tariff per passage is applicable for one way only. It is the tariff per passage and not one whole round trip.

Will I get a receipt on payment of toll by cash?
Yes, on payment of toll at the plaza, our Toll Collector shall hand over a receipt of payment, if requested for the same.

In case one can't get through the Traffic Helpline Number (95120) 2515600 & Customer Care Helpline Number (95120) 2516969, is there anyway of getting in touch with the Company?
Contact Numbers: (0120) 2515722 / 33/44
Email us at :

Even though the DND Flyway has 27 toll lanes, why does one find only a few lanes operational at any point in time?
The design capacity of the Toll Plaza is in excess of the current traffic volumes. The number of lanes open at any given point of time depends on the volume of traffic.